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The Importance of Making and Maintaining a ROUTINE

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Making a routine is important for any eczema sufferer's skin, but also for the sense of stability it could provide to many, who are struggling with this chronic disease. Here is a sample routine from a day in my life


  • Emollient x4

  • Calcineurin inhibitor (Elidel) x1 at night

  • Aloe vera gel whenever my skin is feeling too inflamed for the above creams


  • Homemade fruit/vegetable juice

  • Hearty meals x3

  • Avoiding sugar and processed foods, instead snacking on fresh produce.


  • Exercising in a cool, ventilated area

  • Low-impact for when symptoms are unbearable

  • Remembering that it's okay to take a break for your wellbeing

De-stress Rituals

  • Meditation in the morning

  • Emotional Freedom Technique

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