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Tips for Managing a Skin Routine!

For those who wish to take better care of their skin, whether it be because of acne, eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea.

Many struggle with finding a skincare routine that works for them, and also find that it is difficult to stick to a habitual routine. These 5 tips will (hopefully) help get you started on your skin healing journey and give you peace of mind.

Tip #1 - Identify your skin's unique traits

There are many different types of skin, and skin issues people might suffer from. FOr instance, oily, normal, and dry skin types, as well as a myriad of skin issues such as cystic acne or severe eczema. The key to a good skin routine lies in how your skin reacts to products and what conditions you suffer from.

Firstly, identify any triggers or harsh reactions you have to certain products, and if necessary, test to see which ingredients might be the cause. By doing so, you can narrow down your product use and also prevent any long-term damage. Rule of thumb: anything that makes you even slightly itchy, puffy, burning, or dry, might be an indicator of sensitivity to that product formulation.

Also, be sure to buy products made for your skin type: if you have fairly oily skin, don't buy a hydrating cleanser that doesn't wash out all of the oil. Vice versa, do not buy a stripping cleanser if you have dry skin.

Don't buy products at the sole recommendation of someone on social media, make sure of what skin type they have and do your own research before using your money. Additionally, every time you try a product, you should spot test it on your leg or wrist before putting it on your face.

Tip #2 - Think about practicality

Instead of buying out the entire skincare store, think about your daily routine. Day-to-day routines vary among people, with some people doing all their routines at night, and some people waking up early to get ready. Depending on your usual schedule, by skincare products that you know you can consistently use (night or day products) and formulate a routine that is practical in your daily life.

Tip #3 - Make sure to abide by expiration dates and keep tools sanitary

Many skincare products come with a tool to apply the product with, for example a dropper, pump, or direct applicator. For direct applicators, contact with skin is inevitable, but for all other types, make sure your applicator does not directly touch your skin. Skin always has bacteria, and this bacteria can mix in with the rest of your product and speeden the expiration date.

Tip #4 - Be careful mixing acids and certain ingredients

Certain ingredients can cause chemical reactions on your face and don't mix well. Here is a basic chart to guide your purchases and routine.

Tip #5 - Remember to think of skincare as selfcare

Lastly, remember to think of your skincare routine as a form of selfcare. Instead of viewing it as a chore, or indulgence, take your skincare routine time for your healing. A recommendation is to turn on some soothing music, or listen to a podcast at the same time. Make it a meditative experience for yourself to destress! This is also going to help your mental wellbeing and skin health improve in the long-run.

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