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Alternative Treatments for Eczema (AD)

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Disclaimer: The treatments listed below are not the primary methods for helping eczema patients. Most are supported by anecdotal evidence, but not significantly by Western medicine.


According to Chinese medicine treatment, herbs can detoxify and clear dampness and heat, which are used to nourish the spleen and organs. Herbs that help promote blood circulation and resolve stagnation are also used to relieve itchiness caused by blood stasis. While the research done so far has indicated that there isn't much of a benefit for eczema patients, it is worth a try.


“According to the results of a study published in 2018, acupuncture was found to improve symptoms of mild to moderate AD (atopic dermatitis), particularly in controlling pruritus (itch).” Acupuncture is an ancient practice that targets areas of your body where qi (energy) is blocked. It's believed that inflammation is a result of blockages in your energy. It can have dramatic effects in many cases after continuous treatment.


Hypnosis can aid in three distinct ways: addressing the core of the issue, examining the remission of symptoms, and changing the conditioned response. By visualizing vivid and meaningful mental images (such as accomplishing goals or pleasant memories), hypnosis has proven useful in the psychological treatment of several dermatological disorders, particularly those associated with severe itching, pain, or psychological stress.

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