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The Founder

Hi! My name is Chelsea, and I'm the founder of Our Eczema Project, based in Hong Kong. I was driven to start this initiative because of my personal struggles with eczema. My vision for this project is for every young person to be able to find empowerment in their own skin and mental health journeys.

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Our Eczema Project is funded by Kids4Kids Action for a Cause 2021. For more
information about the program, please visit

Our Eczema Project has also been awarded the James Handrich Endowment Fund.

Many thanks to those who have contributed to this project:

Harrison Li (Wederm Founder and author of The Eczema Manual)

Ms. Amy Smith (HS Health Teacher)

Ms. Rita McDermott (MS Health Teacher)

Dr. Yoojung Shin (Advisor)

Aaron Hollingshead (Advisor)

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